Our Services

Our professional staff provides a variety of services for young people.
We use a variety of methods to develop treatment programs which promote growth and change, positive relationships,
personal values, and acceptable behavioral patterns.

Welcome to Minirth Mental Health Solution Clinic Provide Marriage and Family, Individual Counseling & Treatment Services

  • Marriage Counseling

      Those couples who are facing problems in their relationships can meet with a marriage counselor for the purpose of improving their relationship. It helps them to understand the underlying issues, feelings and respond in a positive way. Marriage counseling…

  • Family Counseling

    Family Counseling

    Family counseling helps you to interpret and deal better with the family stress. Families are sources of support , encouragement and love but sometime relationship are too hard to carry on . So Family counselling better path that can help…

  • Medical Management

    Medical Management

    The physicians trained in psychiatry recognize and recommend treatment for those patients whose emotional symptoms stem from a medical problem. Various medications, diseases and chemical imbalances can produce emotional symptoms.